Turn-based chess-variants server

The Chess-variant applet web page is an interace for playing Chess games against remote opponents. A server on the website that hosts the page will store the games played through it, (whether in progress or finished), and allow your opponent (and others!) to see them. Only you and your opponent will be able to add moves to the game, when it is your turn. To enforce that, each user has to provide a secret password that the server will use to identify him.

How to use the turn-based server

Registering yourself as a new player

If you don't see an error message appear in the black text window below the input fields, (e.g. because the name was already in use), you will have been added to the list of users. You can verify this by pressing 'List Players'.

Starting a new game

Calling up an ongoing or finished game

Normally (i.e. if you have entered your name and password) only your own games will be shown. You can list other people's games by putting their name in the 'Command' field. A list of all games can be obtained by pressing Show Games a second time without doing anything else first. Before the player names there will be a +, = or - sign indicating the game result (win, draw or loss for white) if the game is finished, and w or b depending on whether it is white's or black's turn for ongoing games.

Playing a move

There currently is no checking of legality of the moves you enter. So be careful not to enter illegal moves! Castling is understood, but other moves that involve multiple pieces, like S-Chess 'gating', require special treatment: you will have to play them as two moves, before you press 'Play Move' to send them both. After you press 'Play Move' it is your opponent's turn, so you must (and can) make all changes to the board you need to make before pressing it.

Ending a game

As the server is not smart enough to detect checkmate, a game can be ended in two ways only: by resigning or accepting a draw. Resigning is done by typing the word 'resign' in the command field, and then pressing the 'Play Move' button. There is no dedicated button for this, to minimize the chances that it would be pressed accidentally. You can offer a draw with your move only, by making the command field contain an '=' sign when you submit your move through the 'Play Move' button.

Conditions of use

The server only stores your chosen username and password, in addition to your games. You don't have to give your e-mail address or other personal details. The connection to the server is not encrypted, so people might learn your password by eavesdropping on the connection. We pledge to not willingly share the username/password combinations stored on the server with anyone. But servers can be hacked and info can be stolen. So you are not allowed to use a password for this application that could cause any damage to you or others when it would inadvertantly be revealed, other than that identity thieves could start making moves on your behalf in the games you are playing on this server, or start new games in your name there.

In no case the server operator will be liable for any damage you suffer from using this server, and the associated web page.

You should understand that this page is a device for posting Chess games on the internet for public view, similar to posting text messages on a public forum, but then for Chess games. (Which, by their nature, are posted by a pair of people taking turns.) Everyone will be able to see games you post through this web page. European courts have already ruled that Chess games are not copyrightable material, so by posting them here you basically relinguish all rights on them, and put them in the public domain..

By using this facility you implicitly agree with all the above conditions.

Have Fun!