Paco Ŝako chess game

€ 39.95 incl. VAT

Black and white set

Embrace the next move

Created to be an expression of peace, friendship and collaboration, Paco Ŝako is a chess game with a mindful touch and a mind-blowing gameplay. Discover new strategies, openings and interesting patterns.

Gameplay video

The design and the concept of the game are fundamental to Paco Ŝako, but creating something stimulating and fun was a must. As chess fanatics ourselves, we wanted to develop a game that was as challenging and strategic as chess but with a refreshing twist to the gameplay. Watch our gameplay tutorial to discover and learn more about Paco Ŝako!


Creating a union

Create a union by uniting your piece with any of the pieces of the other player. If you create a union with the King of the other player, then you have won the game!

Moving a union

Once united, both players can keep playing the union. You can only move a union based on the rules of movement of YOUR piece within the union.

Taking over a union

By playing one of your own pieces into an existing union, you can then release your piece that was originally in the union, allowing it to move out onto the board within the same move.

Chain reaction

One of the most interesting moves in Paco Ŝako is the chain reaction which takes place within one move. This new aspect results in fun and dynamic moves and unexpected twists and turns within the game.